9 Memorable Movie Mummies


A look at 9 interesting international incarnations of movie mummies

A look at nine interesting international incarnations of movie mummies

With Universal rebooting their classic monster movies starting with The Mummy (an apology perhaps for the campy Stephen Sommers’ Mummy movies that aped Indiana Jones and saturated the screen with hokey CGI silliness), fans are once more debating the endless merits of “now vs. then.” It’s an unending fanboy/girl battle cry, to rage against living creative mortals mining past successes and re-painting them for a new generation. But it’s inevitable. It’s business. And very often these revisits can be better than okay and, as you’ll see in the trailer below, the Tom Cruise-starring, Alex Kurtzman-directed action/horror flick looks incredibly opulent, weird, rather exciting and genuinely inventive.

Kurtzman’s The Mummy is one in a very, very long line of international genre films that have exploited the timeless myth of the cursed Egyptian mummies, these decrepit zombies that are often bandaged and going on a warpath to find their princesses and punish those who have messed with their resting place. In the case of the new picture, we have a female monster which just adds a dose of sensuality to the mix, almost a Lifeforce vibe. We’re cautiously optimistic…

In honor of this renewed interest in movie mummies, we have opted to look back in history and pick nine of our favorite ghouls who, while not necessarily rampaging in great movies, stand out as ace, effective physical forces of angry, supernatural nature.

Have a look and prepare yourself for Kurtzman’s sexy, apocalyptic and somber redux, scheduled to open everywhere June 9th, 2017.

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