Bill Moseley’s Favorite Halloween Memory

Actor and icon Bill Moseley remembers his scariest Halloween ever

Well, dear readers, we’re counting down the hours until Halloween and to start the home-stretch party, we asked one of our favorite performers, actor and horror icon Bill Moseley to share his favorite Halloween memory.

Moseley, of course, is the venerable thespian who first found genre fame as the spastic Chop Top in Tobe Hooper’s The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2 and later, in the world of Rob Zombie with his work as Otis in both House of 1000 Corpses and its sequel, The Devils Rejects. Outside of those immortal turns, Moseley has started in dozens upon dozens of horror and fantasy movies of every kind and of every pedigree. Simply put, Bill Moseley IS Halloween (in fact, he also appeared in Zombie’s 2007 remake). He has devoted his adult life to freaking us out. And yet there was a time when he was the one getting freaked…

Here, our pal Bill flashes back to a time is his life where he got the biggest scare ever…

“One Halloween night when we were kids growing up in rural Illinois, my father drove my brother, Bruce, me and two friends past the spooky, ramshackle hermit home of the Jacksons. Dad parked the car in the darkness, challenged us that if we were men, we’d walk back and grab something off the Jackson’s porch. We were little 8 and 11 year-olds, scared to death, but we wanted to be big in dad’s eyes, so we crept up to the porch. As my brother reached for a piece of kindling, the front door suddenly creaked open, and old Mrs. Jackson, holding a kerosene lantern, shrieked, “No man presumeth: God’s Word is true!”  We collectively screamed and tore back to where the car should have been, but dad had moved it another hundred yards down the road! Out of breath, finally convinced the Jacksons hadn’t followed us, flushed, full of adrenaline, proud, terrified, we clambered into the Oldsmobile, satisfied that that was the best Halloween scare we’d ever had in our brief histories…”

What’s YOUR favorite Halloween memory? Tell us about it in the comments below!