RANKED: All the Things in The Thing


RANKED: All the Things in The Thing

All the Things in The Thing get ranked from least to best

Scream Factory has put out many of the greatest films by horror master John Carpenter (The Fog, They Live, Assault on Precinct 13, etc), but now they’re putting out the Ultimate Collector’s Edition of his masterpiece The Thing on Blu-ray. The story of a group of dudes at an arctic outpost is best known for the unparalleled (to-this-day) practical effects by Rob Bottin, and we wanted to take this opportunity to run through EVERY iteration the title creature goes through as we rank All the Things in The Thing!

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While we’re on the subject, it’s only fair to say that Scream has outdone itself yet again with this disc, which features a stunning 2K scan of the film, a revealing audio commentary from cinematographer Dean Cundey and all-new interviews with the cast and crew courtesy of the supplementary feature whiz kids at Red Shirt Pictures. We cannot recommend this disc enough.

It’s one thing (pun slightly intended) to glory at all the monster money shots in this 1982 remake, but it’s another thing to actually freeze-frame on all the different versions of the shape-shifting alien. We’re pretty confident you’ll find lots to dissect in the gallery below, and be sure to let us know YOUR favorite version of The Thing in The Thing in our comments section!

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