SHOCKing Sonnets: H.G. Lewis and The Gore Gore Girls



The “Shakespeare of Shock” pays tribute to the late great Godfather of Gore with these splatter sonnets celebrating 1972’s The Gore Gore Girls

I – Slicing Susie

Look at how your screaming, terrified face
Is distorted, ugly, eyes popping in
The seconds just before it smashes the
Glass of the mirror. You look better to
Me with all those deep red cuts in your face,
Agony mixed with terror in the mess
Of flesh. I push again. Another smash,
The blissful sound of further shattering
Knowing how that glass will lacerate your
Skin and then I’m tearing, yes, I’m pulling
And peeling strips away from that mashed mask
And you’re still screaming, somewhere in the mad
Chaos of all this you are still conscious.
You can’t see, of course. I have pulped your eyes.

II – Bubblegum Candy

Look at you pushing your tits together
As gum balloons out of your mouth. Bubbles.
Three of them. Tasty. Is this your new act?
Well honey let me show you how sexy
You are. Look at my knife – all hot and hard!
Gets you giddy doesn’t it? Feel the blood
Rushing to your head, filling your bubble.
Now there’s a trick! Blowing a bloody kiss.
Now let’s turn your whole face into bubbles,
All bloody and squishy like that candy!
Here we go! Oh! The sucking and squelching
As I play with your mushy marshmallow
Cheeks, squeezing that lovely bright red tissue
Into sweet balls! They’ll want to ‘suck face’ now!

III – Blood Feast!

Here they all are, served up in a sizzling
Smorgasbord of culinary delights.
All those girls who needed to bleed and burn!
Let’s start with the tenderized rump – raw steak
Seasoned with sprinklings of salt and pepper.
Tender,  moist, succulent, with the copper
Tang of rich blood; it’s melt in your mouth stuff!
Serve with a side order of face poutine –
Fries mixed with the flesh curd of a stripper’s
Face, thrust fresh and screaming into hot oil
To make a fine gravy of eyes and blood.
For dessert – a sweet cheek crepe, steam ironed
And lightly burned, washed down with a glass of
Fresh breast milk, with a hint of cocoa. Yum!

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