8 More Amazing Portrayals of Satan in Cinema


8 More Amazing Portrayals of Satan in Cinema

Another look at great portrayals of Satan in horror and cult cinema

The Devil. Shaitain. Beelzebub. Lucifer. Asmodeus. Belial. Satan!

A few weeks ago, we dug deep into the movie underworld and summoned 8 portrayals of Old Scratch in horror cinema that we deemed to be essential, movies that see actors both A-list and no-list essay the Beast of Many Names in memorable, often operatic fashion. You can read that first list here.

Today, we’ve cast our net a bit wider, finding portrayals of Satan in movies that sometimes stray into the realms of satire and broad comedy. To play the Devil, one has to balance reverence to the biblical source material, be seductive, charming, manipulative, physically alarming and ultimately… more than a bit spooky.

So bask in the brimstone and paint a pentagram on your pancakes (we have no idea what that means, but it sounds both evil and delicious) and sift through the gallery below.

And, as always, scream at the Heavens if we’ve missed your favorite filmic Lord of Hell in the comments below the gallery…