9 of the Goriest Scenes in Zombie Cinema History


9 of the Goriest Scenes in Zombie Cinema History

A look at 9 of the goriest scenes from classic zombie films

It’s strange to think that the sort of ultra-violence that the previous generation (of which this writer is one) had to work hard to see is now standard primetime fare.

Once upon a time, the zombie horror film offered the most sickening and sanguinary stuff you could find, stuff that went beyond a hard R or even X rating, stuff the MPAA refused to touch and whose only hope was to be unleashed unrated. Before the internet, before DVD, fans would pay top dollar for skeezy VHS bootlegs of notorious zombie films (usually Italian ones) just to catch a glimpse of the sort of wanton evisceration that journos like Chas.Balun rhapsodized about in the pages of Fangoria and Gorezone.

But now?

Look at The Walking Dead.

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KNB’s revolutionary make-up FX have given the world the most alarming and stomach-flipping gore any of us have ever seen and it’s nestled between car commercials, when our kids are still up and about. It’s insane to consider just how acceptable all this cannibal corpse chaos is. Hell, this writer just bought his seven-year old a bunch of The Walking Dead action figures from Toys R Us that made me sort of sick to look at. He, of course, never batted an eye. It’s just the way it is.

But the road to primetime putrescence was hard earned. Zombie culture had to work its way up to the level of sick we see now.

Here then, we select nine of the goriest scenes from classic zombie films that were once the ne plus ultra of undead gore. Dangerous gags that made you gag and made you feel like you might just be committing a crime by witnessing them.

Have a look…