8 Amazing Portrayals of Satan in Horror Cinema


8 Amazing Portrayals of Satan in Horror Cinema

A look at some of the screen’s most malevolent portrayals of Satan

What are horror movies but representations and distortions of the eternal battle between light and dark, good and evil, right and wrong, creation and destruction?

No matter what tale is told, the essence of the genre rests in this dichotomy and conflict, with many movies realizing that battle while specifically alluding to Christian, Islamic and other religion-steeped riffs on the Divine standing in opposition to the Underworld.

Y’know… God vs.The Devil.

The Devil. Shaitain. Beelzebub. Lucifer. Asmodeus. Belial.

The Devil is the beast of many names and his essence has been exploited in horror since Georges Melies made Le Manoir Du Diable in 1896. That silent loop was the first horror film ever made, incidentally and featured bats, creepy locals and of course, The Devil in the flesh.

And while we’ve seen Old Scratch appear in countless quality (and otherwise) creepers since then, today we’re plucking 8 of our favorite cinematic incarnations of Satan in horror, some you may know, a couple that may be tad more obscure.

So sign away your soul (or at least 5 minutes of your day) and scan through our gallery of great portrayals of The Lord of the Flies.