Shock Exclusive: Raid71 Unveils New Pandemic: Lockdown 2 Prints

Shock Exclusive: Raid 71 Unveils New Pandemic: Lockdown 2 Prints

Raid71 (aka Chris Thornley) has been tickling our funny bone over the last couple of years with his cultural mashups, and now he returns to a theme he started last year with a new Pandemic set. Check out our exclusive sneak peek in the gallery below!

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Lockdown has been for over a year now for most of the world and we are slowly, cautiously easing out of it and hope to return to normal! Raid71 has produced a new set of prints to celebrate, acknowledge this occasion, putting the Plague Doctor at centre stage.

“I wanted to create an image capturing the quarantine, and what better than the famous opening title sequence of ‘The Simpsons!’,” Thornley explained to us. “Bart at school writing lines, passing people in the street on his skateboard, Homer at work etc, all activities we took for granted pre-COVID. Now the family is stuck at home on a couch unable to go out in full lockdown.”

Others poke fun at the rivalry of cat & dogs, almost a franchise vs franchise. This is a timed edition sale, so once it’s over you’ll have to search eBay for a set!

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Pandemic: Lockdown 2 set includes:



Easter Beagle

Plague Dr & Woodstock.

Prints will be released in store which you can access by clicking here!

TIMED EDITION (Thursday April 15 – Sunday April 18)

Starts: 6pm BST | 1pm EDT | 10am PDT

Set of 4

5″ x 5″ Giclee

Signed, Numbered

£26 (approx $32) set of 4

As an added bonus Raid71 is giving away the original sketches, to be placed into random orders. A perfect set of prints for the history books!


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