NOS4A2 Season 1 Finale Recap

Ashleigh Cummings as Vic McQueen - NOS4A2 _ Season 1, Episode 10 - Photo Credit: Zach Dilgard/AMC

NOS4A2 Season 1 Finale Recap

NOS4A2 Season 1 wrapped with a two-part season finale. After escaping from Bing’s basement in the previous episode, Vic warned Craig not to go after Bing. However, as soon as Vic takes the Shorter Way to Iowa in order to save Maggie, Craig grabs a bat and heads to Bing’s house to kill him. Craig loses the element of surprise and overpowers Craig, taping his wrists, ankles, and mouth and throwing Craig in the trunk of his car to prove Bing’s commitment to Manx. Vic returns to Haverhill with Maggie when Craig doesn’t return her texts. The two go to Bing’s house and find signs of a fight but no one at home. Vic takes the Shorter Way to find the Wraith while Maggie stays behind and calls the police to report that Bing has abducted Vic and Craig.

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NOS4A2 Season 1 Finale Recap

Manx is upset with Bing for abducting Vic. Bing says that Vic doesn’t belong in Christmasland because Bing found drugs and condoms in Vic’s room. Bing produces Craig to corroborate what he found. Craig says that he loves Vic and that wherever this is going, she’ll find him and kill Manx. With Vic “ruined”, Manx has no more use for her as mother to his kids in Christmasland, but she and Craig can still be fed to the kids. Manx tells Bing to get as much sevoflourane as he can and leave town before the police find him.

Detective Hutter doesn’t believe that Maggie is telling the whole story regarding herself, Vic, Craig, and Bing. Inside Bing’s house, the police find Bing’s old footlocker with the nail gun. Hutter puts out an APB on Bing, bit Bing manages to slip past them and get out of town. When Hutter asks for the full story, Maggie tells her that she, Vic, and Manx are connected to powerful forces that Hutter can’t understand. Maggie shows her ability with the tiles, leading Hutter to believe her.

Vic arrives at a two-story farmhouse with a detached carriage house. In the carriage house, she finds the Wraith. Craig is still trapped in the trunk. Bradley, Manx’s latest abductee, tries to hold Vic and alert Manx that she’s here. Vic runs into the house to find the key to unlock the trunk and free Craig, Bradley chasing her and trapping her inside. Meanwhile, Manx finds Vic’s bike and tosses it back across the bridge, causing both to disappear and leaving Vic without a means of escape.

Vic barricades herself in the laundry room. Unable to get to her, Manx sets his house on fire to kill Vic. Vic cannot get out of the laundry room because of the fire and is forced to inch her way up the laundry chute to the second floor. From the second floor window, Vic watches the Wraith pull away with Craig still trapped in the trunk. Vic crawls out of the second floor window and out of the house, making her way to the nearest road, where she is picked up by a passing motorcyclist.


NOS4A2 Season 1 Finale Recap

Lou takes Vic to a gas station and store in the town of Gunbarrel, Colorado. She tells the store owner to call the police, reporting the abduction and the fire. Vic calls Maggie at the police station, relaying her location and that Manx got away. Maggie asks her tiles where the Wratih is located when Vic sees it pull into the station for a fill up. Craig has worked the duct tape off of his hands and feet, found a tire iron in the trunk of the Wraith, and punched a hole through the floor, puncturing the gas tank.

Vic and Lou confront Manx. Craig punches through the trunk into the back seat of the Wraith, where Bradley attacks him. Vic tries to pull Craig into the front of the Wraith and out the front door, but the field separating the front from the back won’t let Craig through. Manx has neutralized Lou by telling Lou that he knows all about him. Manx manages to get Lou’s gun and turns to Vic, but Vic has sprayed the Wraith in gasoline and is holding a lighter above the hood. Manx lowers the gun, but Vic torches the car anyhow. In an instant, Manx reverts to his older form, his skin blistering and burning as the Wraith burns. Vic goes to get a fire extinguisher to put out the flames before they reach the back seat, but the perforated gas tank explodes, killing Bradley and Craig.

In the hospital, Lou is at Vic’s side and tells her before he is discharged to give him a call if she is ever in Colorado and needs a sidekick. Before Vic is discharged, she is told that she is a couple of weeks pregnant.

Back in Haverhill, Vic and her mother attend Craig’s funeral. Others of their classmates are laughing and telling stories about Craig at the reception. Vic asks her mother what she would have done without Chris around. Linda says that she would have had to live with her mother, and that the two of them didn’t have a very good relationship. Craig’s mother tells Vic that this town is terrible and that she wants Vic to leave and be the artist that Craig said she should be. On her way out of town, Vic says goodbye to Maggie, who is going to stick around and help Hutter look for Bing.

Vic returns to Gunbarrel, where she lives and works with Lou at the garage. Bing has set up a second House of Sleep, having shaved his beard and gotten both a haircut and a job as a custodian at a dental office. Manx remains in a coma in a prison hospital… until a scrapyard worker fires up the Wraith in an effort to restore the car.

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