Swamp Thing Episode 9 Recap

Swamp Thing Episode 9 Recap

Woodrue gets to work in Swamp Thing Episode 9. He returns home from the swamp in the night, inadvertently waking Caroline. She tells him that she had a dream where she was in the swamp searching for him but couldn’t find her husband. In the dream, she came across a dead body and was terrified that it was his, but it wasn’t. It was something worse — a monster. Woodrue sets her Alzheimer’s meds on the nightstand and tells her to remember to take them in the morning. When he returns, they’ll celebrate. The solution to all their problems is being moved to a mobile medical lab even as they speak.

Blue Devil

Swamp Thing Episode 9 Recap

The Phantom Stranger visits Danny in the hospital. Danny blames the Stranger for putting him in this situation to begin with, though the Stranger says that’s a matter of perspective. The Stranger shows Danny a vision of one possible future, where the Conclave’s mercenaries execute Abby and Liz as they search for Alec. The Stranger says that playing the role of Blue Devil — a hero who gets his demonic power from a costume — is more than just a movie role. Danny says if he could, he’d get up and leave this swamp town and put all of this behind him. The Stranger frees Danny from the restraints on his hospital bed and tells him that he’s free to chose whatever future he wants.

Danny pulls out the mask. He says that he never was able to get into the character on the movie set. Maybe he’ll be able to this time, as the blue light courses through his body.

A Plant That Thinks It’s a Man

Swamp Thing Episode 9 Recap

In the lab, Woodrue dissects the Swamp Thing. The creature awakens and speaks to Woodrue through the procedure as Woodrue removes its lungs and heart. Woodrue concludes that the organs have no function. They are only in place because Alec would expect them to be there. When Alec died in the swamp, his human thoughts mixed with the plant mutagen, creating the Swamp Thing. The creature is not a human who thinks he’s been infected with the green flu. The Swamp Thing is a plant who thinks its human.

One Possible Future

Swamp Thing Episode 9 Recap

Abby and Liz realize that the only other person who knows about Alec’s condition is Woodrue. They go to Woodrue’s house to find Caroline lost to her Alzheimer’s. Liz finds schematics on the kitchen table for what Abby recognizes as a mobile medical lab. Searching Sunderland’s property holdings reveals that Maria has been transferring and consolidating the company’s holdings in the past 48 hours. Liz recognizes the cement plant as the most likely spot for the lab.

Meanwhile, Avery calls in a favor with a corrupt judge to have Maria committed to the hospital pending a psychiatric evaluation following her incident in the swamp with Abby and Susie. Maria isn’t sure which is more impressive — that Avery is alive or that he managed to have her locked away. Maria tells Avery that this isn’t over, but he is confident that it is.

Matt is drinking at Delroy’s and thinking about leaving Marais behind him. Del tells Matt that no matter his issues with his mother, she’s just looking out for him. Matt isn’t so sure. Driving home that evening, still drinking, Matt gets into a car crash.

That evening, Abby and Liz break into the cement plant. Things begin to play out as Danny saw in his vision, but the Blue Devil intervenes, killing all of the Conclave mercenaries. Abby and Liz find the Swamp Thing in the lab. The Swamp Thing regenerates, then heads to Skeeter Cove to find out whether what Woodrue told him is true or not. Abby follows, watching the Swamp Thing walk into the water and submerge. Soon he surfaces, carrying Alec’s dead body with him.

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