NOS4A2 Episode 7 Recap

BTS - NOS4A2 _ Season 1, Episode 7 - Photo Credit: Zach Dilgard/AMC

NOS4A2 Episode 7 Recap

NOS4A2 Episode 7 finds Charlie Manx at his most vulnerable — dying and without a way to get the Wraith running on his own. Vic finds herself in a similar predicament; after her mother sold her bike, Vic is without the knife she needs to access the Shorter Way and find Manx. Maggie is no help. She has trashed her tiles and abusing pain pills following her surgery to dull both the pain and her mind.

The Brat

NOS4A2 Episode 7 Recap

Vic heads with her father to Bike Week to look for another bike, hoping she can find a replacement like Jolene was able to do with her wheel chair. But, as an increasingly frustrated Vic finds, a knife is not easily replaced. Further upsetting Vic are the calls that she has been receiving from Christmasland. Manx hasn’t returned and the children are hungry for a game of Scissors for the Drifter.

Vic’s frustrations come to a head when she confronts her father about all the times he has chosen booze over her. Vic storms out with Craig, who she asks to take her home. Back at Craig’s place, Vic collapses from exhaustion, wrapping Craig’s arms around her.

The Wraith

NOS4A2 Episode 7 Recap

Manx calls Bing and has him fly to Colorado. Before he leaves Haverhill, Vic tells Bing about Peter Ives, the man who worked for Manx before Bing was hired. Vic tells Bing that Manx uses people then kills them. When Bing arrives and finds Manx in need, he hesitates. Bing asks Manx about Ives and if Manx plans to kill him once he’s finished with Bing. Manx assures Bing that if he remains on Manx’s good side and helps him “rescue” ten children then Bing will be able to enter Christmasland.

Manx directs Bing to the scrap yard in Nebraska that has Wraith parts. The proprietress calls Sheriff Joe back in Iowa and reports that the Wraith has returned. Joe calls the local cops to respond to the scrap yard and arrest Manx. Bing manages to finish repairs on the Wraith and get it started just as the officers arrive. Sitting inside the Wraith, the officers ignore Manx and Bing and tend to the woman who had a medical emergency after watching Manx restored to youth and health once the Wraith was started up. Bing wonders at how the cops don’t see them, but Manx corrects him… they don’t notice us.

Maggie wakes in Joe’s home. There is a note on the bedside table telling Maggie that she’s staying there until she is better. Joe brought Maggie in after finding her on a park bench, painkillers in her system. Maggie finds the house deserted, the kitchen faucet running. The lights from Joe’s squad car flash outside. Maggie works her way out to the car to find it empty. Stuck beneath the windshield wiper is the business card Joe left at the scrapyard and a candy cane from Charlie Manx.

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