Swamp Thing Episode 7 Recap

Swamp Thing -- Ep. 107 -- "Brilliant Disguise" -- Photo Credit: Fred Norris / 2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved

Swamp Thing Episode 7 Recap

Swamp Thing Episode 7 has Abby feeling the effects of the hallucinogenic spores she inhaled. The spores allow her to see Alec as he was before his transformation. Alec states that he’s not consciously controlling the green into doing what he wants, but the green reacts to his feelings and thoughts. When Abby is hungry, the green provides fruit. But, Alec notes, the harmony between life and death — between the green and the brown — is out of balance in the swamp. In spite of Alec’s warnings, Abby wants to go into the heart of the brown and collect a sample, thinking that is the way to best help Alec overcome his condition.

Brown and Green

Swamp Thing Episode 7 Recap

While collecting a sample, the brown lashes out at Abby. Flora grabs her by the arm, breaking the skin and infecting her with a necrotic bacteria. Alec brings her back to his lab where he summons plants to try and use as medicine to stop the spreading infection. Nothing works. Instead, Alec communes with the natural flora in Abby’s body, causing it to grow and to fight back. In the battle between the green and the brown, the green wins and Abby is saved.

The episode with the brown gives Alec pause. What if what happened to him was part of a greater plan? The brown is spreading throughout the swamp. What if the green transformed him to be its champion to fight back against the brown? Alec tells Abby that it is too dangerous for her to be in the swamp right now. He asks her to leave and not come back, to move on with her life. Abby calls Liz and tells her that she is driving straight back to the CDC in Atlanta with the sample to find a cure for Alec before he totally give up on being transformed back.

A Family Affair

Swamp Thing Episode 7 Recap

Avery has called in all his favors to request that a member of the Conclave Group come down for a meeting regarding funding Woodrue’s research. The sheriff, however, arrives at the Sunderland home with news. Alec is alive in the swamp. Matt saw him. Against Avery’s protests, the sheriff convinces him that the two of them need to go out into the swamp and deal with Alec right now before he makes it back to town and takes them all down.

In the swamp, Avery gets the drop on the sheriff. Does she think he really believes that Alec is alive? No, he knows that she’s luring him out here to kill him and get rid of the body. Matt surprises Avery and knocks him out. That is exactly what they’re doing out in the swamp. However, Avery has one last plan. Avery distracts Matt by revealing that Matt is his son. Matt turns on his mother for lying to him his entire life. That gives Avery an opening to grab a knife and stab Matt. The sheriff shoots Avery in the leg, causing Avery to fall out of the boat. She fires a few times into the water for good measure, then takes Matt for help.

The sheriff takes Matt to the Sunderland house, where Maria has signed the deal with the Conclave Group for funding. With Avery dead, she now controls the company. Avery, however, manages to crawl out of the water, collapsing on the muddy bank.

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