NOS4A2 Episode 5 Recap

Zachary Quinto as Charlie Manx, Ashleigh Cummings as Vic McQueen - NOS4A2 _ Season 1, Episode 5 - Photo Credit: Zach Dilgard/AMC

NOS4A2 Episode 5 Recap

NOS4A2 Episode 5 focuses on Vic’s accusation that Bing is the person who murdered Sharon. Maggie coaches Vic to stick to her story, but to know that there is a hole in how Vic found Sharon’s body and why Vic thinks Bing is responsible without any evidence. Detective Tabitha Hutter questions Vic, but doesn’t believe Vic’s version of how she found the body. Bing is coached as well, by Manx. When questioned, Bing sticks to and repeats a simple story that he was home watching TV the night Sharon was killed and couldn’t be responsible.

The Brat

NOS4A2 Episode 5 Recap

To deal with the stress, Vic goes to Tiffany’s garage and creates artworks of Manx and the Wraith on tiles that Tiffany worked extra shifts to buy to remodel her kitchen. Tiffany says that she never signed up for this. Chris takes Tiffany’s side over Vics, but not before telling Vic about the trauma he suffered in Kuwait. He tells Vic that keeping all that bottled up poisoned him and that he doesn’t want that for her.

Craig is the only one who still seems to want Vic around. He tells Vic that the only reason he took art classes is to spend time with her. He says that she is the best part of this town and doesn’t know what he’ll do when she leaves for college.

Vic confronts Bing, who is still working at the school. Bing chastises her for tattling. Friends don’t do that, he says. Vic tells Bing that they’re not friends anymore. Bing hands Vic an invitation from Manx. He wants to meet her face-to-face. Alone.

The Wraith

NOS4A2 Episode 5 Recap

With nowhere else to turn, Vic calls Maggie. Maggie tells Vic that she’ll drive Vic to the meeting tomorrow. They can’t risk Manx discovering that her bike is Vic’s knife to her inscape. Because Vic has to go alone, Maggie will search for the and get its license plate for the police. In the meantime, Vic and Maggie go to a party at Willa’s house, where Drew gives Vic her first kiss. Back at the motel, Maggie tells Vic how her parents took Maggie to see her pastor the first time that Maggie used her abilities, thinking that there was something wrong with her. If people like them don’t belong with normal people, maybe they belong with one another.

During their meeting at the bus station, Manx echoes what Maggie said. Manx tells Vic that people like them are 1 in a billion. Manx notices the wear that using the bridge is taking on Vic’s body. He tells her that he has found a way to undo the damage traveling between the real world and his inscape takes on his body. He offers to teach her. Christmasland is without a queen, without a mother for the children he has taken there. Instead, Vic vows to use her bridge to find Christmasland and burn it to the ground.

In the parking lot, Maggie finds the Wraith. When she touches the door handle, Manx feels her presence. The car starts and chases Maggie through the parking lot, running her down in the process. At the hospital, Detective Hutter asks Vic if she was at the bus station because she was afraid of Bing and trying to leave town. Was he the one who ran down Maggie?

Vic tells Hutter the truth of what happened. The car started and drove on its own. It belongs to a man who has used it for centuries to find and hurt children and take them to his inscape. The detective recommends to Chris that Vic sign the paperwork to have herself voluntarily committed to the hospital’s psych ward. Chris convinces Vic to sign the papers, saying that it’s the best thing for her… for everyone.

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