Detroit: Become Human Showcases Alexa in Demo Teaser


Detroit: Become Human Showcases Alexa in Demo Teaser

Detroit: Become Human launches Alexa teaser in prep for tomorrow’s demo release

PlayStation has announced that their most “most ambitious project yet,” Detroit: Become Human, will be launching a demo tomorrow in anticipation for the game’s May 25th release. This demo release comes as a celebration of the game officially going gold today.

Detroit: Become Human takes place in the near future in a dystopian setting that focuses on the story of three androids, machines initially designed to obey, that start to experience emotions. The androids, Connor, Kara, and Markus, will have to decide who they want to be as they are confronted with persecution and the violence of society. The game offers multiple protagonists and perspectives in order to bring the game’s main plot to life.

Connor is a prototype designed to help human investigators on cases involving androids, while Kara becomes a fugitive empathizing with a little girl, united in their dream of freedom. Markus will eventually become the leader of the android revolution. Gamers will be able to play as all three characters throughout the game, taking control of their destinies and telling not only their individual stories but also the story of their people and of their world.

The very first scene of the game, Hostage, will be available for download on the PlayStation Store starting tomorrow, April 24, at 12:01 AM EST.

PlayStation further explains that, as part of the Hostage demo experience, there is also an extended Alexa Skill that is aptly named ‘CyberLife’. According to PS, this skill will help players find guidance and acquire further intel in the world of Detroit: Become Human. This CyberLife skill will provide users a deeper glimpse of the characters within the Hostage demo, but also provide world building leading up to the game’s release. The insights acquired from the CyberLife skill will also help inform the user’s decisions within the demo as each decision made can lead to a different ending.

PlayStation further explains how exactly users can utilize Alexa within the realm of Detroit: Become Human:

  • Tell Me About – Get more details as you examine every piece of the crime scene. For example: “Alexa, ask CyberLife to tell me about the fish?”
  • What’s Their Story? – Uncover the truth behind any character you find within the demo. For example: “Alexa, ask CyberLife to tell me about the Phillips Family?”
  • Alter the Course of History – Using the Flowchart at the end of the demo, use the skill to discover alternate endings. For example: “Alexa, ask CyberLife why Connor failed to reach Daniel in time?”

Interested in the game? This is how you’ll get started:

1. Download the Detroit: Become Human Demo from the PS Store on PS4
2. Have access to any enabled Amazon Alexa Device
3. Download the Detroit: Become Human CyberLife Skill by saying “Alexa, enable CyberLife” or by doing a search for Cyberlife with your Amazon Alexa app (requires Alexa app and Wi-Fi internet connection).

This demo will not only inform players about the world of Detroit: Becoming Human. It also acts to serve as a reminder about the biggest takeaway of the game. All of our choices matter in this game, regardless of how big or small they are to us. Do you agree? Let us know in the comments below.