PS VR Game Moss Out on February 27, Launch Trailer Live


PS VR Game Moss Out on February 27, Launch Trailer Live

PS VR game Moss out on February 27, launch trailer live

Game developer Tam Armstrong announced via the PlayStation Blog that his studio’s PS VR video game Moss will be out on February 27. To mark the occasion, Armstrong’s development studio Polyarc released the official launch trailer for the game, showing more bits of story and gameplay. Watch the trailer on the player below!

MossĀ is a virtual reality game that will have you guiding Quill, a brave little mouse heroine, through a tale of grand adventure by way of manipulating the environment through your motions. Quill is beckoned by magical forces to stop an impending evil, and only you can help her navigate treacherous paths, solve devious puzzles and fight fierce foes along the way.

The game has been built specifically for VR, and is set to take full advantage of this exciting new medium for full immersion in its fantastical world. With plenty of VR games opting for the obvious first-person shooter genre, this action adventure takes a bold direction and puts the player in the third-person perspective to act as support for the main protagonist Quill.

Ready to put that VR headset on for a journey with your mouse buddy inĀ Moss? Let us know in the comments!

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