Take A Sneak Peek At The Opening Scene Of Life is Strange: True Colors

Publisher Square Enix has revealed one of the opening scenes for their highly anticipated next chapter in the Life is Strange franchise, Life is Strange: True Colors.

The two-minute teaser serves as a character introduction for Alex Chen, the new protagonist for this entry in the series. Speaking to her social worker, Alex talks about the unique abilities she hopes to suppress as she moves to a new location with her brother.

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Said abilities are related to the subtitle True Colors, as Alex can see the emotions of people she interacts with visualized as waves of color. This will manifest in-game as a way for players to read other characters and their true thoughts, letting them make educated guesses at dialogue choices and try to steer the story where they want it to end up.

Life is Strange: True Colors is the fifth installment in the series and the third mainline game after Life is Strange 2. Original developers Dontnod Entertainment have moved on to other works, leaving development duties to Deck Nine Games. This studio previously released Life is Strange: Before the Storm back in 2017 before rolling right onto work on this new sequel. The team is also currently working on a Remastered Collection of the other games in the franchise for release alongside True Colors.

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Although the game is still formatted as a five-part adventure, True Colors will throw out the episodic format of the previous two mainline Life is Strange titles, releasing as a complete experience on September 10, 2021, for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Stadia.