Ragnarok is Coming to God of War in Teaser for New Game!


Ragnarok is Coming to God of War in Teaser for New Game!

Ragnarok is coming to God of War in teaser for New Game!

After its roaring return to the gaming community two years ago, SIE Santa Monica took to today’s PlayStation 5 showcase to officially announce the ninth installment in the God of War franchise, slated for a 2021 release, with a brief teaser warning that Ragnarok is coming, which can be viewed in the player below!

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Acting as a direct sequel to 2010’s God of War III, while also being the eighth title released chronologically, 2018’s God of War followed Kratos, the former titular Greek, as he journeys with his young son Atreus to fulfill the wishes of Atreus’ mother and second wife to spread her ashes at the highest peak of the nine realms following her death. While keeping his troubled past a secret from his son, who is unaware of his divine nature, the two must fight their way through monsters and gods of the Norse world in order to complete their journey.

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The end of the game’s story not only left room for a possible follow-up, but set the next installment up to see Kratos and Atreus confront Ragnarok, the Norse Mythology doomsday that sees a great battle lead to the deaths of many great figures including Odin, Thor, Freyr, Hemdallr and Loki, as well as natural disasters that will submerge the world in water, followed by its resurfacing anew and fertile with any surviving and returning gods being left to repopulate the world with two human survivors.

The secret ending of the 2018 title saw Atreus and Kratos return to their home to slumber during the pre-Ragnarok Fimbulwinter, during which the former has a vision that the God of Thunder himself will visit the duo at the end of it to confront them over their actions and hand in causing Ragnarok.

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Not much else is known about the next installment, aside from that it is currently slated for a 2021 release and is once again being developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Santa Monica Studio.