CS Plays the First 30 Minutes of Marvel’s Avengers

CS Plays the First 30 Minutes of Marvel’s Avengers

The Square Enix game Marvel’s Avengers finally made its debut today on video consoles everywhere, and we got the chance to play the first 30 or so minutes, which you can check out in the player below and stay tuned for more coverage on this amazing game!

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So far, we’re impressed. This first 30 minutes sets up the story in a neat prologue that shows off the game’s gorgeous visuals, gritty button mashing combat and character designs. And while the game’s Black Widow doesn’t hold a candle to ScarJo, she and the others (namely Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and Hulk) are close enough in style and mannerisms to serve as worthy counterparts to the big screen versions audiences have grown to love over the years.

We’re also introduced to Kamala Khan, a young girl with a passion for all things Avengers related. It’s through Kamala that we’re introduced to our heroes during a celebration celebrating their new headquarters in San Francisco. Violence quickly erupts and we’re quickly thrust into battle where we take turns playing as Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Captain American and Black Widow. Each character possesses their own unique special ability — Thor chucks his hammer, which you can recall God of War style, Iron Man flies and fires missiles, Hulk smashes, Captain America chucks his shield and Black Widow fires her twin guns — which allows for a unique combat experience, even if there are quite a few buttons to memorize.

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The game’s storyline takes place five years after A-Day, during which a tragedy ensues that resulted in death and destruction.