Horizon Forbidden West Coming to PlayStation 5!

Horizon II: Forbidden West Coming to PlayStation 5!

Three years ago, critics and gamers alike found themselves blown away with Horizon Zero Dawn, Guerilla Games’ first new property in 13 years, and the PlayStation 5 reveal event has unveiled a sequel Horizon II: Forbidden West is on the way! The announcement trailer can be viewed in the player below!

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Specific plot details are currently unknown at this time, but the trailer teases a bigger expansion of the 2017 game’s massive open world in which huntress Aloy traverses a world overrun by large machines in an effort to save her kind and put a stop to a cult seeking to revive an artificial intelligence hellbent on destroying the world. In addition to including many environments players of the first game will be familiar with, including snowy mountains, forests and jungles, the highly-anticipated sequel looks to also include underwater exploration and mysterious ruins.

Rumors of a sequel have been around since the game’s initial launch, which saw critics hailing it for its open world, graphics, story and vocal performances as well as a strong financial run, becoming the best-selling game during its release week in the UK and going on to sell over 10 million copies worldwide, becoming the seventh-best-selling PlayStation 4 game of all-time. Reports had also surfaced of developer Guerilla Games hiring staff for a project sounding much like a sequel and actress Janina Gavankar teasing an exciting follow-up and now the confirmation has finally arrived.

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It’s currently unclear when Horizon II: Forbidden West will hit shelves, but the PlayStation 5 is set to hit shelves later this year!


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