New Shooter Crucible Launch Trailer Revealed By Amazon Games

New Shooter Crucible Launch Trailer Revealed By Amazon Games

Amazon Games has debuted the launch trailer for its free-to-play competitive team-based shooter Crucible, which is now available for download on Steam and PC! The trailer can be viewed in the player below while the game can be downloaded here!

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Developed by Amazon Games’ Relentless Studios, Crucible sees players work with teammates to hunt their opponents and take down hostile creatures on a lush rogue planet in pursuit of a valuable resource that amplifies hunters’ powers named Essence. At its current launch, players can choose for a roster of 10 hunters which includes:

  • Earl: Earl was a long-haul space trucker, carrying cargo of all sorts across the Orion Arm. Flying the space lanes in a Class-T bulk freighter was never going to make Earl rich, but it paid the bills—mostly—for his wife and kids back home. Earl found he had a knack for no-hassle, no-questions-asked deliveries. Stranded on Crucible Orbital Statio, Earl is scrambling to earn enough money to pay for repairs and get back to his family. Essence hunting offers a big potential payday—and Earl has a knack for fighting, too.
  • Captain Mendoza: Captain Roland Bolivar Mendoza has the questionable honor of being the oldest captain in the Unity, a veteran of countless frontier clashes—and clashes with his superior officers. He rose through the ranks to captain multiple times, only to get demoted for insubordination, including one incident where he punched another officer. Did he deserve it? Mendoza hasn’t paid for drinks at the cantina since. After decades in the Corps, Mendoza’s seen everything the frontier has to offer, so Unity top brass assigned him to Crucible after the Colony Zero disaster. Everyone thinks of him as “just another grunt from the Unity,” and Mendoza is content to let others attract the attention for a change. Much of Mendoza’s military record is either classified or sealed by court martial, but if you catch him in a wistful mood late at night, he might reminisce about the security detail on Orison that went sideways, or an ill-fated boarding action against the Krake armada, or countless “peacekeeping” missions that were anything but peaceful.
  • Summer: Summer Iolana was supposed to take up the family business: spaceship construction in one of the galaxy’s biggest shipyards. Unlike her siblings, though, Summer was bored by welding in zero-g…and fascinated by a secretive fight club in a hollowed-out asteroid nearby. At the Breaker Club, construction tools were fair game as weapons, and some of the belt’s toughest brawlers were mixing it up every night. Before long, Summer was sneaking out to fight in the arena with juiced-up welding torches. Every victory filled her with joy, and every loss fueled her drive to get better. She modified her welding torches into flamethrowers, trained every waking moment, and became the Breaker Club’s undisputed champion. Then Summer sought a new challenge: Crucible, where she heard the galaxy’s greatest fighters are gathering.
  • Tosca: Among the warrens of Chirta, Tosca was one of her species’ brightest minds, renowned for her groundbreaking work in artificial intelligence, biochemistry, and quantum physics. She had it all: personal wealth, celebrity status, and an unfettered research budget. It wasn’t enough. Ever ambitious, Tosca plotted against Chirta’s matriarchs — and found herself on the run after someone sold her out. Assassins chased her halfway across the Orion Arm, and the matriarchs convicted Tosca in absentia of treason. They’ll execute Tosca if she comes back to Chirta. Unless… she comes back with something of galaxy-shattering importance — something like the Essence found on Crucible. If Tosca can gather enough essence and unlock its secrets, the High Matriarchs will have to welcome her back with open arms. And then Tosca’s revenge will truly begin.
  • Bugg: The Botani Mark One unit, designated “Bugg,” was created for use on Crucible. The higher-ups at the Scalzi-DokaniMo Corporation had it prototyped as a test to see if androids can take over the production and recovery of the lucrative Essence. To do this quickly and cheaply, they patched an experimental AI into a terraforming chassis: the result is a friendly, people-pleasing android who’s good with plants and programmatically devoted to eradicating the competition when it comes to Essence-hunting. Since getting sent down to Crucible’s surface, Bugg has come to think of the planet as his garden, which he must tend and protect. There’s also the slight matter of his programming. Somehow, there’s a slight corruption of Bugg’s AI. Hhe intends to get to the bottom of it before anyone else finds out—and takes him away from his garden for decommissioning.
  • Shakirri: Young Shakirri Diallo’s parents would have liked for their daughter to devote her life to quiet academia. When they instead discovered—rather forcefully—that they were raising a precocious, willful fighter, they bowed to the inevitable and arranged for her to get proper training. Shakirri’s rise was meteoric: she was quickly inducted into the ruling Prima’s elite guard and named the First Blade of Na Dakkaru. Shakirri presented herself on the Crucible Orbital Station as the official representative of her planetary government, on a personal mission assigned by her Prima. She is confident in her abilities and likes to demonstrate her skills to others. She is willing to use her battles as teaching moments, offering advice to the other hunters. The other hunters do not always appreciate this.
  • Drakahl: The Krake are known throughout the Orion Arm for their exceptional brutality. That might contextualize the scale of attitude problem implicit in the fact that Drakahl is so bloodthirsty that his own warclan sent him into exile. Happily for Drakahl, the galaxy is full of opportunities for cruel beings who are willing to do anything—so long as it’s violent—for the right price. Drakahl has thoroughly enjoyed a long career of bringing his unique approach to problem-solving to all manner of situations, from deterring invasive species to resolving diplomatic tensions. Most recently, he’s been contracted to acquire some Essence samples for the Warmistress of Kharta. It’s a new situation, but his solution is the same as it always is: repeated and gleeful application of his sonic axe.
  • Ajonah: Ajonah was born into a clan of raiders and destined for a life of conflict. Her upbringing was filled with guerrilla warfare against the Basilons, the other sentient race on her homeworld. The conflict changed with the arrival of the Unity. An uneasy peace was imposed on Orison, but the tensions and conflict remained. Ajonah is a freedom fighter, resisting the incursions of the Basilons into her peoples’ traditional homewaters. She left Orison to find a weapon to give her people the upper hand in fighting their traditional enemies. Her people consider her a hero. Her enemies consider her a criminal. She considers herself a warrior in an eternal struggle.
  • Sazan: Born and raised in a human colony settled by the cast-offs from other human colonies, Zrena Sazan is at home among misfits—like the kind of misfits who made up her elite squad of Unity Dropship Commandos. She and her team were on a routine weapons test assignment when everything went wrong and her whole squad was killed. Sazan’s memories of the incident are fuzzy at best, and every question she asked led to dead ends and disgrace, until she eventually resigned her commission and turned to life in the private sector. The only scrap of information she’d got from all her digging was the word Essence. Sazan kept asking questions. Eventually those questions took her to Crucible, the only place to find Essence. Somewhere down there, among the Unity tech and the Hives and the deathfog, her answers have just got to be waiting to be discovered.
  • Rahi & Brother: The son of two itinerant terraformers who seeded out-of-the-way planets with potable water and arable land, Rahi Kriyan grew up with an ideal: being a hero meant roaming the galaxy and helping everyone he could, and he wanted so very badly to be a hero. Once his folks retired, Rahi inherited their ship and took off on a string of solo adventures. It was on one of these heroic journeys that Rahi met Brother, a brilliant robot who had freed himself from the employ of an evil master. In Rahi’s simple goodness, Brother saw someone worthy of his devotion. In the altruistic and wise Brother, Rahi found companionship and balance. The two have been practicing little acts of every-day heroism side-by-side ever since. As a rogue planet carrying its own atmosphere with it as it careens through space, Crucible represents the ultimate challenge for Rahi and Brother. If they can set the planet back to rights after the Colony Zero disaster, and if they can unlock the secret to how this planet appears to have totally terraformed itself, they can do good on a galactic scale.

Crucible has now launched an eight-week Pre-Season, during which players can learn the basics of the game and controls and discover and build their skills with their favorite hunters, as well as honing their strategies before the launch of Season One! Players who log into the game by June 2 will be gifted an early adopter reward of 1,000 credits deposited into their in-game account, which can be redeemed for cosmetic in-game items such as skins and emotes, as well as a Pre-Season Battle Pass that offers players a series of challenges and rewards, including hunter and account customization options.

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The launch of the game features three new game modes which include:

  • Heart of the Hives: A 4 vs. 4 battle against giant boss Hives that spawn throughout the world. Each Hive contains a valuable Heart, and the first team to capture three Hearts wins, making each match a dangerous balance between racing the opposing team and surviving the powerful Hives.
  • Alpha Hunters: Eight teams of two take the battlefield and fight to be the final team standing.
  • Harvester Command: Two eight-person teams battle to capture and hold Harvesters spread across the map, vying for control of the Essence that drew them all to the planet. Teams earn points by controlling Harvesters and defeating opponents, and the first team to 100 points wins.

Crucible is currently available to download on Amazon Games and Steam now!


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