Fate Has Chosen You In New Star Wars VR Vader Immortal Trailer


Fate Has Chosen You In New Star Wars VR Vader Immortal Trailer

Fate has chosen you in new Star Wars VR Vader Immortal trailer

We may still be a month away from the real national celebration, but today is essentially Star Wars day as the celebration event in Chicago continues to reveal more exciting news for the blockbuster franchise, including a new trailer for the upcoming virtual reality series Vader Immortal, which can be viewed in the player below!

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Darth Vader: we know him as the galaxy’s most infamous villain whose mere breathing can spread terror across an entire universe. A blend of advanced technology and moral decay, his power is unrivaled. Vader’s death is, of course, famous to fans all over the world — but there’s still much to be told about his life.

The series — set up by the events of Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire — takes place on the lava planet Mustafar between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, and features a unique combination of immersive cinematic storytelling and dramatic interactive play. You’ll go inside Vader’s fortress, first seen in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, which is set in the fiery wasteland the Sith Lord calls home.

Viewers will have the chance to be at the center of the story, an active character in the experience itself which is only possible in virtual reality.

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“We always look for opportunities to explore the Star Wars universe in new ways,” said Kathleen Kennedy, president of Lucasfilm. “ILMxLAB is very excited to be working with David S. Goyer on a first-of-its-kind Star Wars experience which allows fans to travel to Darth Vader’s fiery, lava-ridden fortress and wield a lightsaber on his home turf.”

“As a lifelong Star Wars fan, working with ILMxLAB on an untold Vader story is a dream come true. The experience is designed to be ‘immersive first,’ meaning that from its inception, this 3-part series has been conceived and executed specifically for the VR medium,” added Goyer. “We’re breaking new ground with this project that places you, the user, at the center of the story.”

The 3-part series was written by David S. Goyer who will executive produce. Vicki Dobbs Beck will serve as executive in charge, and the series will arrive on Oculus Quest sometime this year. Award-winning developer Ninja Theory and Epic Games are also helping with development.