PlayStation Studios Has 25 Games in the Works, Plenty of New Worlds

In a recent talk with WIRED Magazine, PlayStation Studios head Hermen Hulst revealed that Sony’s internal group of studios (known collectively as PlayStation Studios) has over 25 PlayStation 5 titles in development, half of which involve worlds players have never seen before.

While many of these games will likely take several years to fully materialize (a very common scenario in cutting-edge AAA development), a few will hit the console later this year. Next month will see the return of the Ratchet and Clank franchise with Rift Apart, an impressive-looking 3D platformer utilizing new tech to let the title characters leap between dimensions.

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Sony has been no slouch in releasing first-party blockbusters in recent years, but the PlayStation company finds itself in an arms race with Xbox Game Studios and their newly restored support for internal game development. After acquiring big names like Skyrim developer Bethesda and Tim Schafer’s Double Fine Productions, the Xbox team suddenly has a huge lineup of their own blockbusters ready to compete with Sony’s offerings.

Hulst came from Sony internal studio Guerrilla Games, the makers of another 2021 PS5 title called Horizon Forbidden West. Even he’s surprised by how his former team was able to take advantage of Sony’s new hardware and navigate the tricky waters of developing their game during the global pandemic. “To step away and to come back to it? Talk about giving me a gift.”

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Of course, in order to enjoy Sony’s upcoming lineup of what will mostly be PlayStation 5 exclusives, you’ll actually need to have a PlayStation 5 at home. The console has proven tricky to secure in the months since its November debut due to numerous factors, but Sony CEO Jim Ryan has promised that they’re ramping up production as quickly as possible.