Psychonauts 2’s Brief Xbox Store Appearance Hints At Surprise Release

One of the bigger releases we all know about from Microsoft this year is Psychonauts 2. The sequel to the cult classic 3D platformer from Double Fine Productions bounced around publishers and release windows before finally settling in at Microsoft as part of the company’s purchase of the developer.

Today, Raz’s next adventure hit Xbox servers briefly, allowing Game Pass players to download it in advance. Neither developer nor publisher has been forthcoming with the game’s release date, and Psychonauts 2 is once again not available for download as of this writing. This almost assuredly means that someone hit the wrong button at Xbox HQ and that the game is almost ready to be unleashed to the masses.

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Typically, Xbox games are available for pre-load around the time that the game is ready for review by the press and content creators. Everyone can download the game, but only those with access can get past the title screen and play for themselves. If Psychonauts 2 was up for preload, it means that some form of the game is ready to be played, and that means the release date is coming sooner rather than later.

This mysterious drop has fans on social media speculating that Psychonauts 2 will be released by surprise during Microsoft’s presentation at this year’s E3. It would be a victory for the company to be able to drop a brand new first-party release during the show, as the company has had a reputation for lacking first-party releases throughout the Xbox One years.

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Still, there’s no official confirmation as to when players can jump into Psychonauts 2 for themselves other than a vague 2021 window. The game is coming to Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One as well as PC, and PlayStation consoles due to contracts written up prior to Microsoft’s acquisition of Double Fine.