Next Call of Duty is Probably Black Ops 4


Next Call of Duty is Probably Black Ops 4

Next Call of Duty is probably Black Ops 4

The next installment in the Call of Duty franchise releasing later this year is most likely Black Ops 4. Or Black Ops IV. Or maybe Black Ops IIII? We’re less sure on how the name is going to be officially written out.

Eurogamer first reported on the rumors of the next game being the fourth entry in the Black Ops sub series. Kotaku is confirming the rumors through their own sources. The latest piece of evidence is NBA superstar James Harden wearing a full camo outfit and a snapback bearing a logo that strongly resembles the Black Ops III logo but with one more I on his way to a game.

The Kotaku report also mentions that this latest Black Ops will be developed by game studio Treyarch, continuing their work on the series from I-III. Just like Black Ops III, it will be set in the near future.

It has also been confirmed in an update to the report that the logo on Harden’s hat is the official logo for Black Ops IIII.

Ready to trade your old-school M1 Garand and Panzerschreck of World War II for high-tech weaponry and future superpowers in the next game? Think the logo and potential title is as ridiculous as it looks? Let us know in the comments.