Nintendo to Release Splatoon 2 Starter Edition, New Amiibo


Nintendo to Release Splatoon 2 Starter Edition, New Amiibo

Nintendo to release Splatoon 2 Starter Edition, new amiibo

For gamers who have yet to dive into the wild ink-shooting world of Splatoon 2, Nintendo is releasing the Splatoon 2 Starter Edition on March 16. This special bundle includes the full game, a Splatoon 2 strategy guide and two sheets of Splatoon-themed stickers. You can get all of this for the suggested retail price of $59.99.

Buying the game by itself costs just as much, so getting it along with a hefty 100-page book that will catch you up to the current player base’s skill level and official art to customize your stuff is a neat package deal.

Even more cool new Splatoon 2 merch to look forward to are the Pearl and Marina amiibo figures that will come out later this year. Pearl is the fly and feisty MC, Marina is the dexterous DJ, and together they’re “Off the Hook,” the number one musical act topping the charts in Inkopolis. Players see them broadcasting the news and Splatfest events with a charismatic cool.

The two amiibo figures will be out in stores exclusively as part of a 2-pack later this year.

Splatoon 2 is the Nintendo Switch’s premier multiplayer shooter, having sold over 4.91 million copies worldwide and becoming the first video game to sell over 2 million copies in Japan in this decade.

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