Terminal Velocity: Boosted Edition Breakdown Details Improvements & Additions

Terminal Velocity was released in 1995, but it is getting a bit of a makeover in 2023 through Terminal Velocity: Boosted Edition. Publisher Ziggurat released a video of this remastered edition detailing some of its enhancements with commentary from the team.

Boosted Edition boasts extended draw distance, better sky rendering, and re-engineered 360-degree sound, as well as support for widescreen, controllers, and trophies or achievements, a few of which pop during the video. These visual changes can be seen in the video, as there is less fog and the visuals aren’t as jaggy when compared to videos of the original (or the above gallery).

Terminal Reality developed that original release and has been recruited to touch up this version, too. The developer is known for other games like Fury3, BloodRayne, Ghostbusters: The Video Game, and more.

Terminal Velocity: Boosted Edition is out now on PC and Nintendo Switch for $11.99, but is coming to the PlayStation and Xbox consoles sometime in the future (specific consoles were not mentioned).


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