Midnight Suns' Deadpool Trailer Marks DLC Launch, Free Trial Now on PS+

Midnight Suns’ Deadpool Trailer Marks DLC Launch, Free Trial Now on PS+

The Merc with a Mouth has officially entered the world of Midnight Suns. Firaxis Games is celebrating the occasion by releasing another trailer for The Good, The Bad, and The Undead, Deadpool’s expansion, which is available now for $14.99 separately or through its season pass for $49.99.

This first DLC pack not only introduces Deadpool into the game, but also includes a new food truck upgrade for the Abbey, as well as some new story missions starring Deadpool. In the story missions, the Hunter (the player-created protagonist) comes to Deadpool’s aid after he fails at retrieving some artifacts from Red Skull’s collection, which incurs the wrath of some bloodthirsty vampires.

For those looking to dive into the DLC, Firaxis noted that players must first complete the “Spidermaaaans” story mission of Midnight Suns and see Spider-Man unmasked in the Abbey during the game’s first act. The DLC also includes some cosmetic additions for Deadpool, including three additional hero skins, seven Abbey outfits, and three swimsuits for the character.

During fights, Deadpool is a resilient combatant thanks to his passive healing ability. His “En Fuego” meter is his other unique trait, which fills as he knocks out enemies. This makes his cards even more powerful, but he must avoid taking damage to use En Fuego to its full potential. If managed correctly, Deadpool can be a pretty formidable fighter, and one that can not only heal himself consistently, but be a huge damage dealer as well.

The DLC pack is available as a separate purchase, but is also the first of four DLC packs that is set to be included in Midnight Sunsseason pass. It’s unknown when the following DLC packs will release, but they are set to include Venom, Morbius, and Storm as playable characters.

Alongside the release of the DLC, PlayStation players who are subscribed to the company’s PlayStation Plus Premium service can also try out Midnight Suns starting today for no extra charge through a free trial. It gives curious users two hours to play the strategy title, and this specific trial is the Enhanced Edition, which includes extra skins for Captain America, Captain Marvel, Magik, Nico, and Wolverine.


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