New Mass Effect Tease Contains Coded Message

New Mass Effect Tease Contains Coded Message

As is the case every November 7, BioWare celebrated N7 Day with some Mass Effect updates. While the studio didn’t drop a new trailer for the upcoming installment in the franchise, it did release an odd video with a cryptic message, which players were quickly able to decode.

BioWare’s post contains a downloadable version of the video. It seems to show some sort of Mass Relay in construction with a color scheme that implies that Cerberus could be involved.

And while that is all vague enough, Reddit user freshavoc (that goes by eughenia_sh on Twitter) explained that they were able to get more out of the video by making a copy of the audio track and inverting the phase of that second track. This led to a secret message that appears to be fan-favorite asari Liara speaking to something or someone. It’s quite garbled and hard to make out, but she appears to be saying something along the lines of: “Exactly. The Council will be furious. Although, they should know by now not to underestimate human defiance. It always was their most [inaudible] trait. I didn’t see it. How did we miss this?”

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Since it is so messy, some think that the latter portion of the dialogue is from a different character, possibly one by Jennifer Hale, who played FemShep in the original trilogy. She’s a prominent voice actor with a recognizable voice, but this doesn’t confirm or deny that Shepard is returning even if that is even her voice in the first place.

Its subreddit is popping off with multiple theories, but BioWare didn’t hint at when it would be dropping another update that could possibly clear some of this up. BioWare often shares reveals at The Game Awards, but it’s not clear if the RPG will make an appearance at the December show or not.

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The N7 Day post also said that pre-production was going well and listed a few new gear items that fans can buy on various online marketplaces. The Sims 4 is also getting a handful of Mass Effect cosmetics on November 17.


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