Medieval Iron Man Skin Coming to Marvel's Avengers Tomorrow

Medieval Iron Man Skin Coming to Marvel’s Avengers Tomorrow

A new Iron Man costume is set to arrive in Crystal Dynamics’ Marvel’s Avengers this week, giving the character a modified, medieval look.

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The new costume is inspired by the 2018 reboot of the Iron Man comics, Tony Stark: Iron Man. The comic was a part of Marvel’s 2018 “Fresh Start” initiative, a chance for Marvel to return to the original lineup of characters like Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Logan, and others after they had been replaced through the years.

The specific costume in the game can be found in Tony Stark: Iron Man No. 13, and is modeled after the magically modified suit that Stark wore while fighting the Asgardian dragon Sadurang. While the costume itself doesn’t offer any different abilities or boosts, it is a pretty unique-looking skin when compared to Iron Man’s other costumes. While a price for the skin wasn’t revealed in the announcement tweet, it’s safe to assume that the costume will cost 900 Credits (around $9) when it appears in Marvel’s Avengers marketplace tomorrow.

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Despite not releasing until tomorrow, YouTuber Sonicphoto released a short video of the upcoming skin in the game. It’s far more in-depth than a simple photo and gives a more thorough peek at the costume, and further details just how unique it is.


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