Fortnite's Latest Season Has Vader, Indiana Jones, and Vibes Aplenty

Fortnite’s Latest Season Has Vader, Indiana Jones, and Vibes Aplenty

Fortnite is straight Vibin’ all summer in a new season that brings two Lucasfilm classics to the game alongside new weapons and returning fan-favorite mechanics. This comes following last season’s Collision event, providing so much excitement that the residents of the battle royale island need a relaxing vacation. That’s where this summer’s event, known as Vibin’, aims to provide in spades.

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Chapter 3 Season 3’s battle pass features a ton of new characters to choose from and tops off with Darth Vader, the Star Wars supervillain that comes complete with his signature red lightsaber. This season’s other guest star is Indiana Jones, but players will have to explore an in-game event to secure his classic fedora and coat later on down the line.

The biggest addition to gameplay this time around is a returning mechanic, the hamster ball-esque vehicles known as Ballers. These were last seen in Chapter X and now come with a battery to provide a limited but still fun roll around the map. Speaking of, a new biome lands in Fortnite in the form of Reality Falls. This new forest area has mushrooms to bounce off of and wildlife you can ride, adding new variety to the battle royale shenanigans.

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The Vibin’ event is already running in-game and will last until around the end of August. There will surely be a few more new crossover characters in the meantime, but players can start working toward their very own Dark Lord of the Sith at their leisure right now.


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