Marvel's Avengers Lets Players Eat Hulk's Monster Heart Out in New Update

Marvel’s Avengers Lets Players Eat Hulk’s Monster Heart Out With New Comic Skin

One of latest new costumes headed for Marvel’s Avengers is for The Incredible Hulk, depicting his hugely powerful Heart of the Monster form from 2011’s “Incredible Hulks.” Players can log onto the game tomorrow to pick it up from the in-game marketplace.

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For those who weren’t reading Marvel’s jolly green giant a decade ago, what Crystal Dynamics is calling the “Monster Heart Outfit” is Hulk’s ultimate expression of anger. After his rage built throughout big crossovers like World War Hulk and Planet Hulk, Bruce Banner unleashed a monstrous power level that glowed with radiation. Crystal Dynamics also released a trailer of the skin in action in the tweet that’s embedded below.

Marvel’s Avengers already references this storyline in-game as part of the Future Imperfect story update that introduced Hawkeye to the game. An iconic Hulk mission in the Utah Badlands shares the Heart of the Monster name but doesn’t reference the comics beyond that. This skin was also in a recent leak that also contained the Asgardian Destroyer Thor outfit that made its way to the game last week.

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Anyone playing Marvel’s Avengers will be interested in the recent acquisition of the game’s developer Crystal Dynamics by mega-publisher Embracer Group. The company has vowed to continue on with the development of the game if it secures the full licensing rights from Disney and Marvel, but the future beyond what is immediately on the table is uncertain until the deal between Embracer and Square Enix fully shakes out.


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