Evil Dead: The Game Trailer Highlights Kandarian Demon Gameplay

Evil Dead: The Game Trailer Highlights Kandarian Demon Gameplay

Despite its delay, Evil Dead: The Game is still seeing its fair share of updates and news. The latest from Saber Interactive details the ability to play as one of the most iconic demons from the horror franchise, something past trailers have only touched on.

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In a new trailer for the upcoming horror game narrated by actor Bruce Campbell, players are treated to footage of what it will look like to play as the Kandarian Demon, a monster that appears throughout all of the Evil Dead properties and is the source of creation for the Deadites, the lower tier of zombies that you’ll face off against in the game. The Kandarian Demon can also swing his sword, summon skeletons, and drain health from his opponents.

While playing as the Kandarian Demon, players will be able to “possess” other players, as well as command a variety of Deadites. Collecting infernal energy will level up the player’s powers as well, allowing them to take control and “haunt” items like trees, cars, and more to scare others and keep them on their toes. The Kandarian Demon can also take different forms to match different playstyles. While the style behind these classes have yet to be discussed, they include Henrietta, Eligos, and Evil Ash, all three of which are from various films and, in Eligos’ case, the Ash vs. Evil Dead television series.

Judging by the trailer, the gameplay of Evil Dead: The Game‘s multiplayer seems similar to other horror-themed titles like Dead by Daylight, especially when it comes to the “players vs. monster” mechanics that appear throughout both titles. Unlike Dead by Daylight, however, Evil Dead: The Game is set to feature its own single-player experience, as well.

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The asymmetrical horror game was announced at The Game Awards in 2020. The gameplay footage debuted at Summer Game Fest in June 2021, showing bits of classic characters from the films as well as the fan-favorite television series, Ash vs. Evil Dead.


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