DC Universe Online Developer Making Marvel MMO

DC Universe Online Developer Making Marvel MMO

Outside of Traveller’s Tales and Telltale, not many teams jump between Marvel and DC, but it seems like Dimensional Ink Games is about to be added to that select list. The studio most known for creating DC Universe Online is said to be developing an unnamed Marvel MMO.

The mysterious title was not officially announced with a trailer or fancy graphic, but rather uneventfully revealed through a presentation from parent company Enad Global 7 and discovered through streamer mmmmmmmmiller on Twitter. A slide breaking down the company’s “long-term value” shows a bullet point that lists a AAA project that is a “new MMO utilizing Marvel IP.” And while that slide does not list Dimensional Ink Games as the developer, the following slide does, specially calling out the Texas-based team.

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Jack Emmert will be leading the game, who designed 2004’s City of Heroes and currently leads DCUO. The project doesn’t have any platforms or launch date attached to it, but it was listed under the “Longer-Term” portion of the “2022 and Beyond” section so it will likely not be out until 2022 at the very earliest.

This is the team’s second crack at a Marvel MMO since Dimensional Ink supposedly canceled its last Marvel MMO after a bout of layoffs. Some art for the title found its way online in 2019.

This Marvel game doesn’t mean that DCUO is being left out to dry. The slides also discussed how 2023 will have the game’s biggest graphical update and expansion. DCUO originally came out in 2011 and celebrated its tenth anniversary earlier this year. Dimensional Ink took the chance to reveal some milestones about the game, like its 69 million created characters, 250 featured DC heroes, and the 39 episodes it has gotten since launch.

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