Avengers Spider-Man DLC Release Date Announced

Avengers Spider-Man DLC Release Date Announced

It has only been around three months since Black Panther came to Marvel’s Avengers, but the game is already on the precipice of getting its next hero as Square Enix announced the Spider-Man DLC release date. As was previously promised, Spider-Man is only coming to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 versions of the game for free on November 30 alongside the big 2.2 patch that adds a raid, cosmetics, and more.

Square Enix spoke about the giant update on its website. However, despite the hype surrounding Spider-Man, which has not let up since his controversial announcement, and the general popularity of the hero, he consisted of a relatively small portion of post. There’s not even a render to show what he looks like, a detailed description of his in-game abilities, or who is voicing him. It just gives a short synopsis of why Peter Parker is in the game. He teams up with the Avengers because he has found one of AIM’s plans that could lead to “total domination.” However, it appears as though he has to keep his identity a secret and learn to work with others. Crystal Dynamics will likely show more of the hero in the coming weeks, but no such plans were made.

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The Klaw Raid seemed to be the other highlight of the post and the titular Klaw, who was introduced in War for Wakanda, will be the primary antagonist. Players will be able to “finish him off for good” and earn the “highest-end gear,” granted they can assemble a team of four ready to take on this tough challenge.

The update is also coming with mechanical changes, too. Crystal Dynamics is boosting the maximum Power Level from 150 to 175, which gives players more incentive to play the raid. With only a few exceptions, users will also be able to recycle gear of a higher level to boost up another piece of gear. There will also be a new item called Shipments that are essentially random, loot box-esque ways to spend units (the currency earned by playing the game) and earn cosmetics, resources, or other items. Crystal Dynamics said it would speak more about Shipments in the future. And, finally, users will be able to use more than one eligible hero per week to farm the weekly rewards instead of just being able to use one hero per week.

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A handful of new and returning skins will also be in the store. This includes the Artificial Genius skin for Iron Man, which is inspired from “Infamous Iron Man #1” when Tony Stark made an artificial essence of himself as well as the Morning Workout Outfits for Iron Man, Black Panther, Thor, and Black Widow. The suit from the MCU’s Iron Man 2 will also be back in the game’s marketplace.


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