Far Cry 6 Overview Trailer Highlights Gameplay Customization

Far Cry 6 Overview Trailer Highlights Gameplay Customization & Story

With Ubisoft’s Far Cry 6 just a month away from its October 7 release, Ubisoft North America has shared a brand new trailer for the highly anticipated game, including some new gameplay as well.

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In a huge overview trailer for the upcoming title, players are reintroduced to the island of Yara, the setting for the upcoming game and a place that’s on the verge of revolution against Antón Castillo (played by Giancarlo Esposito), a dictator who is hellbent on shaping the nation’s future in his own design. The trailer also highlights the beginning of the game, where Dani — the player-controlled protagonist — has a run-in with the son of Antón Castillo that thrusts her into the conflict.

You can check out the new trailer below:

Ubisoft North America also highlighted some of the customization players will get to explore in the game. Upgrading the barracks with weapons, stronger defenses, and weapon caches will help players take the fight directly to Castillo. Players can also customize their weapons with a wide variety of additions, with Ubisoft noting that a “massive range” of attachments, mods, and other ammo types are available in the game as well.

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The trailer also goes over some of the factions in the game, as each of them have been damaged by Castillo’s reign. All will help in the fight against Castillo, but in different ways. It also goes into the story and premise as Castillo plans to use a cure as a bargaining chip on the world stage to justify his tyrannical rule. This is just a snippet of what players can expect in what Ubisoft is calling the “richest” Far Cry yet.


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