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Microsoft Releases New Dark Mode to Xbox Insider Testing Program

Microsoft is working on fully implementing a new night mode for its Xbox Consoles, with owners able to dim their screens, controller LED brightness, and even the power button the Xbox button itself.

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The company began rolling out the new mode to Xbox Insiders in its latest Alpha Skip-Ahead ring (via The Verge), with users able to customize a ton of components to their console and controller. Players will be able to schedule the night mode to turn on during certain times, and can even add optional blue light filters and tweak how much of a split the two ratios are.

Xbox’s new night mode hopes to try and make it easier for players to sleep after gaming at night, or make it easier to jump into a game after waking up and not being adjusted to bright lights. Alongside the more typical night mode settings, players will also be able to dim the LED brightness on their controllers, as well as dim the Xbox power button light or completely turn it off. HDR can also be disabled when night mode is on if that’s something that’s giving you issues while you play at night.

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Currently, the new night mode for Xbox is being tested with Xbox Insiders and is only available in English due to localization still being pending. However, Microsoft has been able to get many of its new features out quickly, so expect this one to make its way onto all consoles soon enough.


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