Battlefield May Return To Normal Release Schedule in the Future

Electronic Arts recently held its latest earnings call (via GameSpot) announced its plans for the Battlefield series, and what it might be planning for future releases in the franchise.

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When asked whether or not Battlefield would ever return to a more normal schedule of releasing a major installment of the franchise every other year, CEO Andrew Wilson hinted that it was likely, saying that he “[thinks] it is that is [their] orientation.”

Prior to Battlefield 2042, the iconic first-person shooter franchise typically saw new releases every two years. Battlefield 1 was one of the few aberrations since it came out only a year and a half after Hardline, which was led by the now-defunct Visceral Games, not DICE. However, Battlefield 2042 will release three years after the last game, Battlefield V. According to Wilson, the reason for the delay this time around was to ensure that the team at DICE had the time it needed to make the best game possible.

Wilson also noted that people would begin to think of Battlefield as a live service franchise that continues to grow over time. The newly announced game mode, Portal, is a big part of this according to Wilson. EA CFO Blake Jorgensen also spoke during the call, noting that in the future the company will have more to say regarding the future of Battlefield as a live service game and how it plans to handle in-game microtransactions.

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“But trust that the team is working very hard on this, and they have some very unique ideas about what we can continue to do, what Andrew just said, to create this as a long-term interaction with our consumers versus simply selling a game this year,” he said. “And we want to build a long-term relationship as we have with Battlefield users for a long time. Portal is a perfect example of how that works, and you’ll see more of that and more details about that over the next couple of months.”


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