Ubisoft Delays Rainbow Six Extraction & Riders Republic

Ubisoft Delays Rainbow Six Extraction & Riders Republic

It seems that almost no game is safe from delays. Ubisoft announced that it was pushing two of its big 2021 titles: Rainbow Six Extraction and Riders Republic. While the new Riders Republic release date is October 28, Rainbow Six Extraction now has a vague release window of January 2022.

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Ubisoft announced both delays on its official website and gave generally the same reason for holding them back. For Rainbow Six Extraction, which was previously slated for September 16, the team said it wanted to “take additional time to bring this vision to life in the way it deserves.”

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Riders Republic did not see as big of a delay as it was supposed to come out on September 2 and the game’s beta is still coming soon (but it still has no specific date). Quality was once again the main reason, but it was framed in a different way. The eight-week delay will allow the team to better incorporate feedback from the beta and the wording implied that another beta would come before launch, too.

This is part of a pattern as Ubisoft has delayed some of its other titles in recent months. Far Cry 6 was originally slated for February 2021 until the publisher decided to push it until October 7, 2021, which is where it currently stands. The Prince of Persia: Sands of Time remake was supposed to come out in January 2021 before it was eventually delayed indefinitely. It now has a 2022 release window.


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