Bayonetta 3 Still On Track According to Nintendo, Despite Missing E3 2021

The internet in general was (understandably) rapturously delighted with Nintendo’s E3 2021 showing, but it seems that some are refusing to let those frowns be turned upside down, instead deciding to keep them as, well, frowns. The reason for their malaise is that Platinum’s Bayonetta 3 didn’t make an appearance. Not only did it not make an appearance, but the name wasn’t even mentioned in any capacity.

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Naturally, this led many to bust out their Jump To Conclusions mats and assume that the game has been canceled. Game director Hideki Kamiya was quick to criticize those who were making such assumptions, saying that those suggestions were “annoying pollution.”

Backing up the always-entertaining Kamiya were Nintendo’s Nate Bihlrdoff and Bill Trinen who, in an interview with Gamespot, really pushed the boat out in terms of information, going as far as to say that the game was “progressing well.”

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That could mean absolutely anything in terms of a release date, but Kamiya himself has suggested in the past that more news about Bayonetta 3 would follow late in 2021.

Bayonetta 3 might come out one day and will be exclusive to Nintendo Switch.