Burning Crusade Classic World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft Classic Adds Burning Crusade Expansion on June 1

World of Warcraft Classic, Blizzard’s special splinter of the MMO goliath that operates just as people remember a decade ago, is moving on past the Dark Portal and into the Burning Crusade expansion. Players will have a big choice to make on June 1st as to whether they stay in the original game as they remember it or take their heroes into a brave new-but-classic world.

Those already subscribed to the regular World of Warcraft will have access to Burning Crusade Classic alongside the vanilla WoW Classic experience. Classic players can choose on a per-character basis whether they want to preserve the original World of Warcraft experience or move forward into the expansion. They can also choose to clone their character for both experiences if they pony up a small fee.

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If you haven’t logged into World of Warcraft in a while or if you are just excited to return to the Burning Crusade specifically, Blizzard has a bundle just for you. The Dark Portal Pass includes a boost for a single character that instantly prepares them for the trials of the Burning Crusade. It also includes gold, gear, bags, a rare mount, and weapon skills to aid the new character on their journey into the Outland.

Blizzard also has a Deluxe Edition of Burning Crusade available for World of Warcraft superfans. In addition to everything above, Deluxe Edition customers receive a pair of Phase-Hunter mounts, a Dark Portal Hearthstone, a Path of Illidan toy that leaves firey footsteps, and 30 days of prepaid in-game time.


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