Mass Effect Legendary Edition Cover

Mass Effect Soundtrack Made Free Just in Time For Legendary Edition

BioWare is hoping that they can once again be your favorite developer on the Citadel by releasing a flood of free Mass Effect goodies just in time for the upcoming release of Mass Effect Legendary Edition on modern consoles and PC.

Fans can grab the soundtrack to all three games in the classic trilogy on the official Mass Effect website. The album includes one new track composed specifically for the remake collection and 87 tracks from across the trilogy. Those who’d rather just listen via YouTube can check out a massive four-hour-long upload on the official Mass Effect channel.

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The bonus download also includes digital goodies previously only available with the Deluxe Editions of Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3. This includes digital art books, comics, and a lithograph of the Normandy. All these goodies and the soundtrack will be available for free until May 31 or “until download capacity is reached,” so grab them sooner rather than later.

Check out the Mass Effect Trilogy – Original Soundtrack below:

Also released today is a franchise-appropriate web tool that allows fans to customize their own cover art for Mass Effect Legendary Edition. Players choose their alignment and their favorite squadmates to create a custom image that can then turn into wallpaper, a social media image, or a fully usable box art for placement in a physical edition of the game. BioWare boasts that there are billions of permutations and include a random button in case you want to see just how different each cover can be.

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Mass Effect Legendary Edition invites players to relive the story of Shepard on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 starting on May 14.


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