Hasbro Unveils Monopoly: Ghostbusters Edition!

Hasbro Unveils Monopoly: Ghostbusters Edition!

For those looking to expand new activities while stuck at home with family and friends, Hasbro has unveiled Monopoly: Ghostbusters Edition, an exciting new edition of its classic board game centered on the iconic supernatural comedy franchise! A full look at the game board and collector’s figures can be viewed in the gallery below!

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In the latest pop culture expansion of the board game, fans can imagine traveling through New York City to win Ghosbusting contracts with a game board and artwork based on the original 1984 classic starring Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, Ernie Hudson, Sigourney Weaver, Annie Potts and Rick Moranis.

A few highlights of the new game includes:

  • Roaming Vapor cards, and ECTO-1 and Supernatural Entity spaces on the game board
  • Landing on a Supernatural Entity space has players teaming up to battle Slimer, Stay Puft, Library Ghost, or Vinz Clortho to save the city!
  • Got a color set? Start adding Ghost Traps, then eventually upgrade and buy Containment Units
  • The last player with petty cash when all other players have gone bankrupt wins!
  • The Monopoly: Ghostbusters Edition game comes with 6 tokens; fans of Ghostbusters can play as iconic gadgets and accessories found in the original Ghostbusters movie, including PKE Meter, Proton Pack, Ecto Goggles, Radio, Dana Barrett’s Cello and Janine Melnitz’s Glasses

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Monopoly: Ghostbusters Edition is set to hit shelves at most major retailers this weekend for $29.99!


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