Crysis Remastered Video Game Confirmed by Developer Crytek


Crysis Remastered Video Game Confirmed by Developer Crytek

Crysis Remastered Video Game Confirmed by Developer Crytek

Video game developer Crytek has officially announced that Crysis Remastered will be launching sometime soon on the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One. You can check out the announcement video below!

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Developed by Crytek and published by Electronic Arts, the original Crysis launched in 2007 on PC, before later landing on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and was followed by Crysis 2 in 2011 and Crysis 3 in 2013.

Crytek’s groundbreaking, critically acclaimed first-person shooter is based in a future where a massive, ancient alien-built structure has been discovered buried inside a mountain in the fictional Lingshan Islands, near the coast of the eastern Philippines. The single-player campaign has the player assume the role of U.S. Army Delta Force soldier Jake Dunn, referred to in-game by his callsign, Nomad. Nomad is armed with various futuristic weapons and equipment, most notably a “Nanosuit” which was inspired by the real-life military concept of Future Force Warrior. In Crysis, the player fights both North Korean and extraterrestrial enemies in various environments on and around the island.

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Players can sign up for the latest information on the upcoming release at