Limited Run Games Announces Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition Physical Edition!

Limited Run Games Announces Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition Physical Edition!

Limited Run Games announces Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition physical edition!

One of the more oft-forgotten extensions of the acclaimed sci-fi franchise Blade Runner is the 1997 video game adaptation of the same name that acted as a sidequel to the Ridley Scott film and now Limited Run Games has announced it will be bringing the upcoming Nightdive Studios’ Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition to physical shelves!

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It was announced earlier this month Night Dive Studios would be partnering with Alcon Entertainment to develop a remaster of the game for release on consoles and PC later this year, but was originally planned only for a digital release but Limited Run is bringing physical copies for both the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. The game developer also recently announced it would be releasing a physical copy of David Cage’s Indigo Prophecy, alternatively titled Fahrenheit outside of the US, for the PlayStation 4 in a four-week run.

The game, originally released in 1997, was a point-and-click adventure set in 2019 Los Angeles that followed the story of Ray McCoy, an elite detective charged with hunting down a group of dangerous bioengineered androids designed to look and act like humans known as replicants. The story acted as a sidequel to the Ridley Scott film, with several of its characters appearing in the game and some of the original actors returning to voice them, while Rick Deckard is seen and referred to on multiple occasions but did not have a speaking role.

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The original game was developed by Westwood Studios, best known for the Command & Conquer franchise, and was published by Virgin Interactive and was a success upon release, garnering generally positive reviews, selling over one million units worldwide and winning the Interactive Achievement Award for “Computer Adventure Game of the Year.”