Hot Toys Unveils Batman: Arkham Knight Armory Figures!

Hot Toys Unveils Batman: Arkham Knight Armory Figures!

Hot Toys unveils Batman: Arkham Knight Armory figures!

In the Batman: Arkham Knight video game, Gotham City is under a terrifying threat as Scarecrow returns to unite the super criminals of Gotham and destroy Batman forever. To take down these dangerous villains, Batman is donning an upgraded Batsuit with new gadgets to save the city he is sworn to protect. Today, Hot Toys has announced a collection of figures from the various suits in the Batman Armory, including Batman Beyond‘s, Christian Bale’s in Batman Begins and more!

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The Dark Knight has a long history in comics which comes with an enormous closet of a multitude of iconic suits from several forms of media entertainment spanning decades. Taking inspiration from the Batcave’s Batsuit Chamber in the popular Batman: Arkham Knight video game, Hot Toys team has modified the futuristic armor pod to accommodate the sleek batsuits in miniature size features Batman: Arkham Knight Armory Miniature Collectible Set; Batman, Batman Beyond Suit, 1989 Movie Suit, 2008 Movie Suit, Arkham Knight and Deathstroke Armory Miniature Collectible.

The newly introduced collectibles with LED light up function and incredible paint application can be combined and rearranged in various ways, creating unlimited diorama display possibilities. Each Armory Miniature collectible measures approximate 12cm tall, whereas miniature figure is approximately 8.5cm tall. Individual and set packaging are available for purchase.

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Special Features:

–        Armory Miniature Collectible design inspired by the concept of Batman Armory in Batman: Arkham Knight series video game

–        Each armory measures approximately 12 cm in height

–        Miniature figures measure approximately 8.5 cm in height

–        Skillfully applied painting on the suit design and armory

–        Armory features LED light up function (USB operated)

–        Collectible can be interconnected with each another