Nintendo Returns to Handheld Gaming with Nintendo Switch Lite

Nintendo Returns to Handheld Gaming with Nintendo Switch Lite

Nintendo returns to handheld gaming with Nintendo Switch Lite

Nintendo is once again returning to the joys of handheld gaming. The company has announced the Nintendo Switch Lite, a handheld device that plays standard Switch games, and will launch in stores starting September 20. It will also come available in three colors: gray, turquoise, and yellow.

Adding Nintendo Switch Lite to the lineup gives gamers more color and price point options,” said Nintendo of America President Doug Bowser. “Now consumers can choose the system that best suits how they like to play their favorite Nintendo Switch games.”

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Unfortunately, the Nintendo Switch Lite won’t come with any video outputs, meaning it’s a true handheld device that can’t be cast onto a larger TV. Also, while all games are playable, some titles will have restrictions on the handheld version. If a game has limited Switch Lite functionality, it’ll indicate that in the Nintendo eShop.

The Switch first launched in 2017, and became the most popular gaming console just months after its release. You can read all about the specs of the Nintendo Switch Litem and how it compares to a standard Switch system on Nintendo’s own website here.