David Tennant, Elodie Yung Talk Call of Duty: WWII Nazi Zombies at Comic-Con


David Tennant, Elodie Yung, Katheryn Winnick and Udo Kier talk Call of Duty: WWII Nazi Zombies

David Tennant, Elodie Yung, Katheryn Winnick and Udo Kier talk Call of Duty: WWII Nazi Zombies

Call of Duty: WWII had its world trailer reveal (see below) for the upcoming Nazi Zombies at San Diego Comic-Con and we got a chance to sit in on the panel. The main cast members, including David Tennant (Doctor Who), Elodie Yung (Daredevil), Katheryn Winnick (Vikings) and Udo Kier (Flesh for Frankenstein), joined the panel to chat about their characters and Ving Rhames sent a message for fans. We also got some new info about what’s coming for the game.

Michael Condrey, chief operating and development officer of Sledgehammer Games, told the crowd that they want to take the zombie gameplay back to where it all began. He and developer Cameron Dayton explained that they wanted to do some slow horror scares instead of just jump scares, though they both said they still get scared while playing. They told us that we’re going to get impressive mystery chests full of Wonder Weapons that should “make you feel like a god” while you’re using them. They said casual gamers would have fun, but that there are tons of Easter eggs that you’ll be rewarded for finding, and that even some of their pros haven’t found them all yet.

The story will revolve around a group of four players trying to recover stolen Nazi art and who uncover something terrible. The cast includes Udo Kier, who plays the mastermind behind this “new weapon” that can never die. (His is the voice you hear in the just-released trailer.) He told the crowd that he’d never done anything like motion capture before and that he had a great time.

As far as the playable characters, the panel began with David Tennant, who plays the role of Drostan Hynd, who is a Scottish antiquities expert. Tennant said, “He was in prison and he was allowed out on the understanding that he’ll work with the good guys.” He also explained that Hynd swears a lot. “Full of bad language, this game. I’m terribly shocked.” Tennant joked, “You did indicate to me that you wanted it to have an authentic Scottish feel.”

Elodie Yung plays Olivia Durant, who is in the French Resistant. Olivia is an art historian and worked at the Louvre museum. Yung explained that Olivia’s father was captured by the Nazis, so she has a strong reason for fighting. Yung also told the crowd that her grandfather was in the resistance as well as her great grandfather. “He died in the camps,” she said of her great grandfather. “It was an interesting and important [reason] for me in a way… to accept a part like this. She said that she loved the research for this and that her character is an excellent engineer and also kicks butt. She also joked about all the swearing she does in French.

Katheryn Winnick plays the role of Marie Fisher (whose character has been part of a viral campaign leading up to the trailer release). “She was born in Germany and decided to leave the family business,” she said. “Her father was a weapons maker. She decided to go to Cambridge and was recruited for the O.S.S. She became a spy. It’s a very fun character for me to play… her main goal is her brother Klaus, reconnecting with him… her personal goal is to find her brother again. The developers hinted that there was a political rift in the family that will have a bearing on the story. Winnick talked about the love she’s gotten from the fans since her character was announced.

Ving Rhames, who plays the fourth playable character Jefferson Potts, couldn’t be here at the con, but told the crowd in a video message, “I play this bad ass dude. He’s awesome, right. He’s leaving a group of men in a Bavarian village, killing zombies.”

Winnick addressed the multitude of female gamers in the audience, saying, “You know what’s amazing? I’m looking around this room and there are so many girls!” Condrey told the crowd, “We know that half of all gamers are women… as a studio, we wanted to showcase a broad and diverse group of heroes… We’re going to leave this industry a better place than we entered it.”

Sledgehammer Games delivers an original and terrifying new co-op survival experience in Call of Duty: WWII Nazi Zombies. Players will embark on a chilling and mysterious journey through a snowy Bavarian village in Mittelburg, Germany, as they attempt to recover priceless works of art stolen by the Axis powers in World War II. This village holds a shadowy secret key to an unimaginable and monstrous power. Nothing is as it seems in this zombies horror, as a dark and sinister plot unfolds to unleash an invincible Nazi army of the dead.

A new horror rises on November 3. Are you guys excited for Call of Duty: WWII Nazi Zombies? Let us know below or tweet us @ComingSoonnet.