E3 2017 Photos: Inside the Electronic Entertainment Expo


E3 2017 Photos: Inside the Electronic Entertainment Expo

E3 2017 Photos: Inside the Electronic Entertainment Expo

E3 is the Electronic Entertainment Expo – in other words, a massive, massive convention exclusively dedicated to video games. This was the first year that E3 opened its doors to the general public. Before this year’s convention, E3 was exclusively the domain of developers and retailers. General public tickets sold out in minutes. The convention was packed tighter than San Diego Comic-Con – without cosplay props to give the needed buffer zone.

The booths on display were insane. I counted at least three full-sized dragons; a bigger-than-life-sized Rabbids-Donkey Kong; a ’50s cafe to promote Wolfenstein II; a full-sized Spider-Man saving a helicopter; piles of Goombas; a deconstructed Xbox One X; and Kratos from God Of War. Personally, I am a die-hard Nintendo fan, so I was excited to see gameplay from the upcoming Super Mario Odyssey (I had already participated in the test runs for Splatoon 2, so that was old news to me).

If you couldn’t make it to the show in downtown Los Angeles, we’ve got you covered. In addition to news coming out of the convention, check out our gallery of E3 2017 photos from the convention’s floor.

What was your favorite thing shown at E3 2017 this year? Are you looking forward to specific games? Let us know in the comments!

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