The Best Resident Evil Bosses!


Take a look at the best Resident Evil bosses!

Take a look back at the game franchise with our guide to the best Resident Evil bosses!

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is available on January 24 and January 27 bring us The Final Chapter of the big screen Resident Evil franchise. The original game just celebrated its 20th anniversary last March and we’re looking back at some of the best Resident Evil bosses from the video game side of the franchise. Check out our list below, which is in no particular order. We want to know who your favorite boss is and the scariest moment in the series for you. Was it the dogs in Resident Evil? We have a feeling a lot of you are going to choose that one.

Our guide to the Resident Evil bosses begins with Tyrant.


The T-virus does some nasty things to people, but to a select few, it turns them into a nightmare monster called the Tyrant. There are many different types from throughout the franchise, and many of them have exposed spines and hearts that you can use to take them down. It’s not going to be easy though.

Del Lago is another terrifying entry in our Resident Evil bosses guide.

Del Lago

This giant water beast began life as a salamander. It was infected with the Las Plagas virus and transformed into a sea creature in Resident Evil 4. He feasted on bodies and caused Leon to be dragged across a lake. You’d better make sure you have a lot of harpoons handy if you’re going to fight him. He can sneak up on you from underwater, so be prepared.

Lisa Trevor is one of those Resident Evil bosses you hope you don't run into.

Lisa Trevor

Poor Lisa Trevor. If she wasn’t trying to kill you, you’d feel terrible for her. Lisa’s father was asked to design a mansion outside of Raccoon City for Umbrella Corporation. While he was up there, Lisa and her mother were infected with the Progenitor virus. Her father starved to death and her mother was killed. 14-year-old Lisa was mutated by the virus and kept around for study. Umbrella Corp kept sending people disguised as Lisa’s mother to comfort her, who was in the middle of a plot to get them both out, but Lisa never believed any of them were real. She ripped off their faces and attached them to her body. She was mentioned in the earlier games, but in the remastered Resident Evil on the GameCube, you got to fight her. She couldn’t be killed until the mansion was blown to smithereens.

Yawn is a very terrifying addition to the Resident Evil bosses guide.


Yawn is from the original game as well, and is still a favorite. Looking back at the first game all these years later, it’s hard to remember how scary he was, but when the game came out, this giant snake was terrifying. You had to fight this T-virus-infected beastie in multiple parts of the mansion before you finally killed him in the attic.

Nemesis is the only one of the Resident Evil bosses who has a movie named after him.


In Resident Evil 3, you have to fight Nemesis, a type of intelligent Tyrant. This horrifying creature with the drawn-back lips also has a tentacle that can kill. Depending on your choices in the game, there are a number of ways to take him down, but not before he infects Jill with the T-virus. He also has a multi-tentacled form which, though less intelligent, is a horror to beat.

El Gigante is, appropriately, one of the biggest Resident Evil bosses.

El Gigante

This boss from Resident Evil 4 may remind you of a certain cave troll from Lord of the Rings, but El Gigante is tough to beat. He’s huge. So big, in fact, that he uses a tree as a weapon. There are more than one of these guys and they mutated after receiving the Las Plagas virus. Make sure you never let this guy corner you, or you won’t like the result.

The Resident Evil bosses guide wouldn't be complete without her.

Alexia Ashford

This lady and her brother were created using DNA of a long-dead ancestor. When Alexia and Alfred found out that their father did this to them, they turned him into a monster called Nosferatu with the T-Veronica virus she’d been developing. As she learned more about the virus, she injected it into herself and put herself into cryogenic sleep, letting the virus slowly take over and give her superpowers. When she wakes — and witnesses her brother’s death – -she’s turned into something new and very hard to beat. Alexia has three different forms, all of them terrifying.

Uroboros is another important one of the Resident Evil bosses.


This ball of writhing bits is a difficult one to kill. You have to move non-stop or risk becoming toast. Though Uroboros is the name of the virus in Resident Evil 5, Ubroboros Aheri is the mutated form of Excella Gione, which you have to fight. Though the battle is a pain, at least the little tentaclettes that she drops give you items when they’re killed.

And now our Resident Evil bosses guide comes to Krauser.


Though Jack Krauser used to serve with Leon S. Kennedy, he left to pursue a career with Albert Wesker. He tries to steal a sample of the Las Plagas virus in Resident Evil 4. He’s got a huge, mutated arm that is tough to battle. The quicktime events in the Krauser battles aren’t super simple either.

Wesker is one of the Resident Evil bosses who appears in both the games and the film series.


Albert Wesker (played in the films by Shawn Roberts and Jason O’Mara) is the big bad of the series, though your battles with him aren’t quite as difficult as some of the other ones. Wesker is introduced in the first game as the Captain of the S.T.A.R.S. unit, though that is just a cover. He’s really working for Umbrella Corp’s rival and sent in the S.T.A.R.S. unit to gather data on the combat abilities of the Tyrant. In Resident Evil – Code: Veronica, he’s taken the virus and given himself superpowers. We learn his history with Umbrella Corp and the virus back in the Resident Evil Zero prequel game. In Resident Evil 5 we learn that he’s working on the Uroboros virus for TRICELL, though he meets his end in a volcano. We even get to see his son Jake Muller in Resident Evil 6. Will we see him again in some form? Only time will tell.

Which one is your favorite? Was there one that didn’t make the list that you love? We want to know!



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