E3 Reaction: We Saw Even More of the Jaw-Dropping Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

In a world where video game movies can’t get any traction, or any actual good films, there are some games being made that totally rival the cinematic experience and at the top of that list is Naughty Dog’s work with The Last of Us and the Uncharted series. The final entry of the latter series, Uncharted: A Thief’s End, will debut next year, and we got an extended look at the game behind closed doors at E3. For starters, you can watch the first part of the demo released during Sony’s press conference in the player below and then keep reading to find out about everything else we saw that followed!

Still with me? Okay. As you can imagine, Nathan successfully makes it through the pile of wood. However, he falls into the water below and continues to be drug by the truck. Drake does climb up the rope, and nearly kicks a fisherman in the face before he makes it to landfall. Upon getting there, he gets dragged through the muddy banks of the river, kicking up a ton of residue and further adding to the incredible detail of “A Thief’s End.”

Following a fresh coat of mud on his clothes, Drake ascends the rope and manages to get onto the back of a moving truck. This whole thing has turned into a pretty insane chase, too, since he’s trying to save his brother Sam from his pursuers. Soldiers jump into the back of the truck to throw out Drake while others on motorcycles try and shoot him off. Naturally, he escapes mostly unscathed and finds himself driving one of the pursuing vehicles.

After shaking off even more attackers, Nathan finally catches up to Sam and they tell each other to jump into their respective vehicles at the same time. Brothers, am I right? They continue down the dirt road before Nathan shouts “Look Out” and take the full brunt of a ramming from another truck.

Nathan wakes up in the cab of the overturned truck, with his back to the muddy ground. As he tries to shuffle his way out of the car, the interior begins to catch fire, and spread rapidly. Outside, two guards get in position to investigate and realize that he’s still alive. They aim to kill, and even in his near-concussed state, Drake manages to take them both out with his final four bullets. Then we see the truck that caused this little mess, that same van that was chasing after Nathan and Sully has returned. It’s like Jaws: The Revenge, this time it’s personal.

Sam quickly appears and pulls Nathan up onto his bike, wherein the last leg of the chase begins. The machine gun fire erupts around them as they move, but the small motorbike is just too quick for the truck. They’re able to outmaneuver it and it crashes into a flaming heap. Satisfied with their path of destruction, Nathan and Sam head back to their hotel where they begin to work on finding Libertalia, a pirate sanctuary where the swashbucklers stored all of their collected treasurers conveniently in one place. It seems like it’s going to be a piece of cake, until Nathan enters his room and finds his estranged wife Elena waiting for him.

Not much at this year’s E3 blew my hair back, but the visuals and world of Uncharted 4 made my jaw drop. It’s one of the most intricately put together worlds that is so fully destructible that it doesn’t seem fair to everything else. Even if you haven’t played the other Uncharted titles, this one is worth seeking out because it does what you need on a next-gen console, graphics that are unparalleled and gameplay that is fun and exciting. If you’re going to cap off the journey of Nathan Drake, you might as well do it with the biggest and best looking game yet.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End debuts exclusively on the PlayStation 4 in 2016.